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iMining’s suite of purpose-built products integrate to create an ecosystem for real-time bulk explosives management. 

Gain complete control of stock management, blast planning, marking, drilling, loading & individual crew performance.



Improve stock turn over & quality management.


iMining's live inventory and pump control systems revolutionize blasting operations. BLASTGRID™ simplifies underground tunneling blast design with a user-friendly 3D tool. BLASTTRACK™ control system provides remote oversight for surface and underground blasting, customizable for customer needs, and accessible through web and mobile apps. BLASTTRACK™ inventory ensures efficient bulk stock management, utilizing RFID access control and geofencing to prevent losses and optimize product rotation.


BlastGrid Icon.png

BLASTGRID™ provides an innovative blast design tool for use in surface & underground blast designs. Easy to use & precise, BLASTGRID™ allows the blaster to interact with 2D and 3D views of blast designs to manage toe burdens, drilling angles & dimensional compliance.

BLASTGRID™ allows the user to quickly examine a blast design, compare timing sequences & compare rock properties. Inspect designs against previous parameters to optimize performance & auto generate product requirements & cost reports.


Designs prepared through BLASTGRID™ are available online & immediately available by the blasting team for real-time access in the preparation of each blast. Inspect pre & post blast performance to identify areas of poor performance for the systematic improvement of blasting operations.

With an integrated approach to blast design & preparation, the BLASTTRACK™ online platform allows you to design, prepare & load with BLASTGRID™, SMARTGPS & BLASTAR™ guidance software, for clear view of your blasting operations.


Do understand blasting efficiency on your mine?

For more information on design features & benefits download the PDF.

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BLASTTRACK™ - BT3 control systems are purpose built pump truck control systems, designed for use in surface & underground loading operations. Monitor product quality, safety conditions & report on blasting information in real­time with direct feedback & online reporting to web & mobile devices.


Designed for data transparency throughout the loading cycle, BLASTTRACK™ control systems securely connect to the cloud to deliver loading & inventory reports, quality control data & operator performance metrics direct to web & mobile devices.


The robust IP67 dual layer protection of the BLASTTRACK™ control system allows for 'plug & play· maintenance of the control system in harsh mining environments, reducing down-time for equipment maintenance & increasing fleet availability.


BLASTTRACK™ pump control systems offer user specific control interfaces direct to the controller, rugged HMI wireless remote & RF button remote with programmable functions

For more information on design features & benefits download the PDF.

Blast Chain Icon.png

BLASTTRACK™ - BT1 is a live inventory control system for stock monitoring in silos, transfer pumps & delivery vehicles. The control system monitors live inventory levels & controls distribution to authorized personnel through transfer pumps & silo installations. Pump safety inputs monitor the safety & quality of product through storage silos & tanker networks to end location in the blast hole.


Instrumentation inputs/ outputs facilitate live monitoring of tank level, mass flow, vehicle location, product condition & stock rotation as well as driver & operator behaviors.


Remotely accessible & access controlled trip & warning settings together with RFID access control are used to manage distribution of product & maintain safe pump operating conditions. Geofencing & distribution management settings are used to limit operation of pump systems to predefined locations, times of day & responsible personnel. 

BLASTTRACK™ control systems are designed as 'plug & play' systems for easy maintenance & can be integrated to provide real-time reports on equipment in the field. Inventory data & quality reports are delivered directly to responsible managers while variation reports can be used to track planned vs. actual performance, systematically reducing non-conformances through the logistics system. 

For more information on design features & benefits download the PDF.



Data when you need it.

iMining offers cutting-edge software and electronics solutions for mining operations. SMARTGPS provides high-precision RTK GPS data during loading, allowing real-time energy density monitoring. SMARTDENSITY™ Meter offers real-time performance analytics and warnings for pumping systems. XPRESSDENSITY™ is a pocket density meter for confirming emulsion densities, available in various sizes for surface and underground loading operations.



The iMining SMARTGPS is a HIGH ACCURACY RTK GPS system specifically designed for high precision use in drilling & blasting operations. The GPS provides centimeter level accuracy of blasthole positions to increase loading precision in the design & loading blasts.


Use the BLASTTRACK™ blasting app. & SMARTGPS to monitor drilling accuracy & collect data including hole depths, rock conditions, loading notes & timing designs prior to the start of loading operations.


When you're ready to load, download the Blastcard data to your BLASTTRACK™ control system & the SMARTGPS will immediately identify individual blastholes for automatic recipe delivery. Loading data & hole positions are monitored & recorded through the system providing an accurate energy distribution model for post blast evaluation.


The SMARTGPS is available in the iMining BLASTTRACK™ remote HMI & as a USB-C plugin module for external attachment to any Android Smart device. 

For more information on design features & benefits download the PDF.

Smart Density Icon.png

Install the SMARTDENSITY™ Meter on your underground & surface pumping systems & receive performance analytics & notifications on loading densities in real-time.


The SMARTDENSITY™ meter captures & monitors gassed emulsion samples in the product delivery line, provide feedback to operators throughout loading operation. Inconsistencies in density are identified at the time of loading, allowing early identification & correction of loading inconsistencies before they have a negative impact on blast performance.


Density results are flagged in real-time through the BLASTTRACK™ live reporting system, allowing immediate notifications for blasting supervisors as well as post blast analysis of charging units & crew.


On completion, gassed samples are discharged back into the product delivery hose, preventing spillage & waste through the sampling process.


To get the most out of your blasts, track the upper & lower density limits for your fleet & identify non-conformities before they impact you blast results.

For more information on design features & benefits download the PDF.

Express Density Icon.png

XPRESSDENSITY™ compact density device for measuring the loading density of chemically sensitized emulsion formulations. The XD device is available for use in surface & underground operations & is available in a range of sizes, calibrated for use based on the unique properties of each formulation.


The XD design is reusable, self-flushing previous samples as successive samples are taken through the same device. This eliminates manual cleaning of cups between samples & errors in calculation experienced through the use of traditional scale based sampling methods. The XD device is simply flushed with water or air once sampling activities are complete for the day.


The XPRESSDENSITY™ has been specifically designed to meet the daily extremes of underground & surface mining environments, increases the ease, speed & reliability of quality control practices at the blastface.

For more information on design features & benefits download the PDF.

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