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enhancing safety and performance in mining explosives

Transforming Mining, Explosives, and Manufacturing

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iMining was registered in 2000 with a focus on safety and operating excellence in the mining, explosives and manufacturing industries. Recognizing the importance of real-time management systems, iMining initiated inhouse manufacturing operations in 2018 with it's focus on operational transparency in the production & loading of explosives.

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To provide explosives loading systems that increase the productivity of our customers through real-time data & technologies for increased efficiency & reduced cycle time in the application of explosives.

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Today, iMining offers a range of explosives loading systems designed to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. Key to these improvements are the iMining in-house range of SMARTFLOW™ pumps and control systems, purpose built to increase energy efficiency & consistency in surface and underground loading operations.

For explosives inventory management to loading systems in surface & underground mines, iMining offers purpose-built explosives delivery systems to enhance productivity through real time data on your mine.

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Reduce costs,  enhance safety & improve productivity

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iMining pumps are designed to increase safety during loading operations, with low friction seals, integral pressure limits and thermoplastic valves to vent in the presence of external heat sources. This makes them ideal for use in harsh blasting environments.

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The iMining range of pumps are built to last with highly durable and chemically resistant construction materials. Low friction in the pumps allows iMining pumps to operate for prolonged periods of time without needing to be serviced or replaced.

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iMining pumps decrease the energy requirements of traditional PC pumps by as much as 80% by significantly reducing friction and unsafe heat build up in the pump. This makes iMining pumps ideal for implementation on battery powered vehicles & cut energy requirements & operating costs.

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