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for microballoon & gassed emulsions

SMARTFLOW™, patented pump technology for increased availability & reduced operating costs


iMining offers a range of innovative solutions to enhance mining operations, including the SMARTCHARGER™ loading system, designed for confined and inaccessible mining sites, delivering emulsion, additives, and hose lubrication for sensitizing bulk gassed formulations during loading, equipped with electronic control and reporting for precise mass delivery and real-time monitoring. Furthermore, the SMARTFLOW™ pumps are designed for safety and consistency, reducing energy requirements by up to 80% compared to progressive cavity systems, enabling their use in previously inaccessible mining environments. These systems are integrated with the BLASTTRACK™ control system, providing real-time monitoring, reporting, and safety features, while the SMARTTRUCK™ loading trucks and SMARTTRUCK™ BLEND trucks offer flexibility and precise loading capabilities with the support of BLASTTRACK™ smart control and SMARTGPS technology. Additionally, the SMARTDRIVE™ loading systems, designed for underground UV carriers, integrate SMARTFLOW™ pump technologies to enhance safety, energy efficiency, and product consistency in loading operations. Lastly, the SMARTSINK™ pumping system improves the speed and reliability of shaft sinking operations with redundancy and monitoring features, ensuring safety, product consistency, and machine availability.


BLASTGRID™ revolutionizes blast design, offering an intuitive interface for both surface and underground blasts. This tool allows users to interact with 2D and 3D blast designs, ensuring precise management of toe burdens, drilling angles, and dimensional compliance. It enables quick examination, timing sequence comparison, and rock property analysis for optimized performance. BLASTGRID™ designs are accessible online, facilitating real-time collaboration and performance inspection. Coupled with BLASTTRACK™ control systems, which are purpose-built for surface and underground loading operations, users can monitor product quality, safety conditions, and blasting data in real time, with seamless integration into the BLASTTRACK™ online platform for a comprehensive view of blasting operations.

BLASTAR™ - iMining Technology - Mining Operational & Explosive Consulting Services
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iMining was registered in 2000 with a focus on safety and operating excellence in the mining, explosives and manufacturing industries. Recognizing the importance of real-time management systems, iMining initiated inhouse manufacturing operations in 2018 with it's focus on operational transparency in the production & loading of explosives.

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To provide explosives loading systems that increase the productivity of our customers through real-time data & technologies for increased efficiency & reduced cycle time in the application of explosives.

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Today, iMining offers a range of explosives loading systems designed to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. Key to these improvements are the iMining in-house range of SMARTFLOW™ pumps and control systems, purpose built to increase energy efficiency & consistency in surface and underground loading operations.

For explosives inventory management to loading systems in surface & underground mines, iMining offers purpose-built explosives delivery systems to enhance productivity through real time data on your mine.

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iMining is a specialist in the fields of safety and operational excellence consulting, offering services to industrial process systems and has been an agent for DuPont Sustainable Solutions in Southern Africa since 2005. In recent years iMining has increasingly focused on the development of tools for operational transparency and technology leadership, empowering clients to benefit from the increasing rate of change in the business environment.

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iMining's safety leadership and OPEX consulting services help clients to improve their safety performance, reduce their operating costs, and improve their overall operational efficiency. Our services include:


  • Safety philosophy: We help clients to develop a safety culture that is based on the principles of zero harm.

  • Process safety methodology: We help clients to identify and mitigate the risks associated with their operations.

  • Operational excellence offerings: We help clients to improve their operational efficiency by optimizing their systems and procedures.

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The successful implementation of industry 4.0 technologies requires new ways of thinking. iMining's operations transparency and change leadership services help clients to:


  • Understand the benefits of industry 4.0 technologies

  • Develop a plan for the implementation of these technologies

  • Manage the change process

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iMining's explosives management and blast consulting services help clients to improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of their explosives operations. Our services include:


  • Blast optimisation through live quality control: We help clients optimize live in-field data collection for improved quality control & blast optimisation in the loading cycle.

  • Project Management: We help clients design and project manage new bulk explosives plants and delivery systems, shaft emulsion pipelines and bulk equipment rebuilds.

  • System thinking in explosives cost optimization: We help clients to optimize their explosives costs by considering all aspects of their explosives operations.

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