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Increased productivity.

iMining's range of underground loading systems are designed to improve quality & consistency in difficult underground loading operations. Low energy costs, improved safety & the ability to power pumps for battery & air power sources allow iMining systems to be used in difficult to access areas including narrow vein & shaft sinking operations. Development loading systems allow the concurrent use of up to 4 parallel emulsion pump lines for high speed development while Production loading systems able able to pump holes up to 60 meters in length.


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The iMining SMARTRING™ Pumping System is designed for flexibility lateral and uphole loading operations. Dual SMARTFLOW™ pumps provide consistent high speed loading, eliminate slippage and wear present in progressive cavity production loading systems. This reduces maintenance requirements & increases consistency in loading operations. 


Upload blasting designs direct to the BLASTTRACK™ control system for blast execution & monitor loading data & quality reports live on the network for a comparison of planned vs. actual rig performance.

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SMARTTANK Loading Systems offer the improved safety & performance of SMARTFLOW™ pump technology & are available with single or dual emulsion delivery lines for rapid loading. SMARTTANK™ systems monitor loading operations & pump condition, reporting through the BLASTTRACK™ control system & prompting operators of out of spec. conditions in real time.


Low power requirements for the system allow flexibility for power supply & tanks are built to meet specific customer capacity & configuration requirements.

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The iMining SMARTSINK™ pumping system is designed to increase the speed & reliability of shaft sinking operations through the deployment of four parallel emulsion delivery lines. This allows for a decrease in shaft cycle time & increase in strike rates.

The SMARTSINK™ is available in a range of tank capacitates & with a range of power supplies (including battery options). The system is controlled via the BLASTTRACK™ control & pump safety system for remote oversight & live monitoring of loading operations. 

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The SMARTCHARGER™ is an air powered pumping system designed to sensitize pumpable explosives in confined blasting operations. The pneumatic three component pumping system delivers emulsion, additive solution and hose lubrication to the delivery lance to sensitize bulk gassed formulations during the loading cycle.


Equipped with an electronic control & reporting system, the SMARTCHARGER™ monitors pump loading practices & safety conditions for operator & management feedback during and after the blast.

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The SMARTFLOW™ pump series has been developed to meet the efficiency requirements of modern Battery Vehicles while simultaneously improving the safety & consistency of loading operations. 


The low friction design of the pump reduces traditional PC pump energy losses by up to 80%, preventing heat build up in the pump & cutting energy requirements & costs. The high energy conversion ratio allows multiple delivery lines to operate simultaneously on bulk trucks & MPUs in previously inaccessible environments powered by only battery of air power.



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Use the SMARTDENSITY™ Meter on your underground & surface pumping systems to monitor loading densities live & track operating limits. Density results are sent direct to responsible supervisors & are available through BLASTTRACK™ online for immediate notification & post-blast analysis.


The SMARTDENSITY™ Meter prevents spillage & waste with samples discarded direct into the delivery hose. 

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Improve consistency with the XPRESSDENSITY™ compact density gauge for measuring the loading density of chemically sensitized emulsion formulations. The XD device is available for use in surface & underground operations. Reusable & self-cleaning, samples are discharged from the device as successive samples are measured. This eliminates manual cleaning of cups between samples & errors in calculation experienced through the use of traditional scale based sampling methods.

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