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Reduce operation costs.

iMining offers a range of surface loading systems designed to enhance safety & operational efficiencies. Our range includes auger & emulsion pump trucks equipped with advanced control systems with live remote monitoring. iMining loading systems feature BLASTTRACK™ pump control systems including high-accuracy GPS hole identification and variable energy / density loading compatibility to optimize energy distribution in the blast.

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iMining SMARTTRUCK™ EMULSION trucks offer versatility available in a range of sizes and tank capacities. Equipped with BLASTTRACK™ control systems and SMARTGPS technology, SMARTTRUCKs™ include live online reporting with optimization tools for optimal results in loading operations.

SMARTTRUCKs™ are available in DUAL PUMP configuration for twin emulsion delivery lines for maximum loading utilization. Loading data & QC reports are delivered directly to responsible managers while variation reports can be used to track planned vs. actual performance, reducing non-conformances throughout loading operations.

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SMARTTRUCK™ BLEND trucks are built to customer requirements with customizable prill to emulsion ratios to achieve optimal loading utilization. Equipped with BLASTTRACK™ control and pump safety systemsSMARTTRUCKs™ allow live web reporting with optimization tools for optimal results in loading operations.

Blend Trucks are equipped with SMARTGPS Technology & SMARTDENSITY QC systems to allow live monitoring & flagging of emulsion density on the block.

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The SMARTTRUCK™ PICKUP pumping system offers speed and flexibility for remote, confined, and civil loading. Ideal for secondary blasting, customizable tanks are designed to fit all vehicles with payloads up to 1,500kg and loading rates up to 120 kg/min.

Energy efficient pump technology makes PICKUP pumping systems ideal for use on pickup trucks and Electric Vehicles allowing loading through a battery power supply. BLASTTRACK™ control & pump safety systems monitor & record loading operations for post blast analysis.

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Compatible Devices

The SMARTLOGGER has been built to plug directly into existing pump truck control systems to collect data and send it to the cloud when the truck enters an available network. The SMARTLOGGER is a perpetually live system allowing trucks to send data to the cloud even when the control system is powered off during transport. This allows older truck fleets to be brought online at low cost without the need to replace expensive control technologies.


The iMining SMARTGPS is a high-precision RTK GPS ensuring centimeter-level accuracy of blastholes during the drilling & blasting cycle. The SMARTGPS links with the BLASTTRACK™ app. monitoring positional data & the allocation of energy within the loading pattern for an accurate energy distribution model for post-blast evaluation. Available in BLASTTRACK™ remote HMI & USB-C plugin for Android devices.

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Use the SMARTDENSITY™ Meter on your underground & surface pumping systems to monitor loading densities live & track operating limits. Density results are sent direct to responsible supervisors & are available through BLASTTRACK™ online for immediate notification & post-blast analysis.


The SMARTDENSITY™ Meter prevents spillage & waste with samples discarded direct into the delivery hose. 

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